National Span's Consultative Approach

National Span's professional approach ensures that the owner, engineer and contractor get a quality product with the best solution for each project. left divider

1. National Span works with local engineers by providing them with sketches, drawings and preliminary designs for each project. Our representatives are all engineers that can answer any question and offer guidance on our products.

2. Before a project bids, we work with contractors by answering questions, providing quotes, drawings, pick weights and production schedule. We work quickly and honestly with contractors to ensure that there is no hidden cost associated with the installation of our products.

3. After a project bids, our engineering team prepares a set of submittals for the contractor. Depending on the DOT, city or other specifications, these often include construction drawings, foundation design, precast shop drawings and bridge calculations. Our experienced engineers have the quickest turnaround in the industry allowing production to begin as soon as possible.

4. After drawing approval, an NPCA approved precast plant starts on production of the bridge, headwalls and wingwalls. The production takes place using quality steel forms and under controlled plant conditions. While production is underway, the contractor works to clear the site and prepare the bridge foundation.

5. Working with the contractor, National Span establishes a day for installation. We arrange and coordinate trucking so that the precast pieces arrive in a timely fashion and in an order to facilitate quick installation.

6. Our onsite representative is there to offer guidance and to make sure that there is a flawless installation in a timely manner. Entire projects are often times installed all in one day!